A better sample of connect the dots! (Zeitgeist data relevancy monitor)

After my last blog post here is a more real life explained sample of data relevancy over context and usage provided by the Zeitgeist Framework:

First some explanations:

  • The Cricles represent URIs such as "http://youtube.com" or "/home/tom/test.doc". The number you see are ids for these URIs
  • The Arrows represent a focus switch from a URI to another (we now can log window activity). One can read it ( 0 --> 1 ) as "focus from URI 0 to 1" in other words focus from "http://youtube.com" to "/home/tom/test.doc". The numberon the arrows represent how many times the focus was switched form one to another.
So now for a real life sample of what was happening today around "http://git.codethink.co.uk/" ( To be clear this is an actual graph of what happened directly around the URI)

First he URI to id list:

  • 0 = "http://git.codethink.co.uk/"
  • 1 = "http://google.com"
  • 2 = "pidgin://Facebook/Karl Latimer"
  • 3 = "pidgin://Facebook/Philip Van Hoof"
  • 4 = "pidgin://Co-Workers/juergbi"
  • 5 = "pidgin://Co-Workers/einalex"
  • 6 = "tomboy://Today: Friday, August 28 2009"

For a wider neighbourhood here is some more sweetness however I won't write down the URI list but the previous ones still applies: