Seif Lotfy

Highly motivated, creative, overenthusiastic and quick learning software/data engineer, with a competitive yet team player attitude. Achievements include highly recognised production code and open source contributions.


2016/09 — present
Co-Founder @ Axiom Inc.
  • Developing Dev-ops focused tools - more information coming soon on our first product, Watchly.
2014/04 — 2016/06
Software Engineer (Contractor) @ Xamarin Inc. (acquired by Microsoft)
  • With a team of 4, kick-start Xamarin Insights, focusing on its highly horizontally scalable storage and analytics backend, to deal with large incoming data streams of crash reports & track events.
  • Develop robust, multi-cloud (AWS & Azure), fast and high-throughput data analysis pipelines to produce dependent, live metrics for internal and external consumers, while architecting around large and ever-growing data requirements, customers growth/requests, and new features.
  • In a sub-team of 3 lead researching feasable tradeoff opportunities between accuracy and speed, and implement data processing solutions based on probabilistic data-structures, reducing query execution to sub-second times and O(1) complexity.
  • Made available to all Xamarin customers in preview within 6 months of development.
2013/06 — 2014/03
Cloud Software Developer @ Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Develop the production platform of Deutsche Telekom's SaaS offering "Business Marketplace".
  • Develop fully automated cloud solutions using OpenStack, while implementing and maintaining needed OpenStack functionality upstream with a focus Cinder and Nova.
  • Successfully initiate and transition the development process from Scrum to Kanban, due to the partial upstream dependency.
2012/11 — 2013/05
Software Developer @ Next Tuesday GmbH
  • In a team of 3 research and prototype data processing pipelines for (eBay's) real-time-bidding purposes, focusing on minimal latencies and concurrent bidding.
  • Develop benchmark, test and metrics tools for measuring eBay's ad campaign's resource latency and audience targeting.
2010/12 — 2012/11
Software Developer (Contractor) @ Collabora Ltd.
  • Lead migration of the Zeitgeist Framework from Python to Vala & C/C++, together with several stakeholders and the upstream community.
  • In a team of 5 deploy Zeitgeist for clients and OSS projects on mobile & in-vehicle systems, whilte researching other deployment opportunities.
2008/10 — 2009/06
Software Developer (Contractor) @ Verimatic GmbH (funded by the European Space Agency)
  • Using NumPy, SciPy & MySQL, design/develop a mathematical (numerical) model in a distrubuted system to determine tank fuel levels in different positions/angles and gravity environments.
2006/10 — 2008/09
Software Developer (Working Student) @ Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (SIT & IPSI)
  • Develop framework for populating & displaying user activity history using in .NET & MySQL, while implementing new search and sort functionalities powered by the logged events and activities.
2006/06 — present
Contributor & Maintainer @ Various OSS Projects
  • IronFunctions - (maintainer) impl. AWS Lambda -compatibility, asynchronicity & dev tools.
  • CockroachDB - (6 PRs) impl. check constraints, backfilling, arb.-precision math routines & fix bugs.
  • InfluxDB - (6 PRs) impl. block checksum validation, tools, fix panics & clean up code.
  • Skizze - (maintainer) impl. high-througput probabilistic datastorage, design API and tools.
  • Mozilla Foundation - (developer) impl. webcompat & contributor recognition tools, fix firefox bugs.
  • Ubuntu Foundation - (developer) integrate Zeitgeist, impl. privacy manager, fix unity bugs.
  • Google Summer of Code - (mentor) mentor 10 students to contribute to OSS.
  • Zeitgeist Project - (maintainer) impl. user activity logging framwork, integrate with OSS projects.
  • GNOME Project - (maintainer) fix, develop & maintain several modules, MOB 2012.


RoboCup international robotics competition promoting robotics & AI research, offering publicly appealing/formidable challenges.

1st place (2008) 2nd place (2007) 4th place (2006)


2003/10 — 2009/09 Technical University of Darmstadt Computational Engineering B.Sc