Everything broke!!!

1. Laptop: My "F'ed up piece of SH*T" of a laptop (DELL XPS 1330) constantly overheated and had the nvidia malfunction. During GCDS my notebook stopped charging and was on low performance all the time + hot as hell! My brothers netbook benchmarks 2x faster than my shitty laptop! And to top it off Eclipse + firefox + pidgin + Do +banshee makes it freeze then crash! WARRANTY EXPIRED

2. Desktop: While plugging in an external HDD it just turned off and wont turn on again! :(

3. iPhone:..... The screen is constantly white with some stripes! turned it off and on and even restored its setting but can see crap! While writing here the whole screen turned red!

4. TV: won't work! won't turn on!

I am feeling pretty naked at the moment! Pretty crappy situation! Right now I am using my brothers netbook! Thinking of getting one myself!