Evolution vs. Religions for idiots!

I am going to hell for this, but wtf! I participated in a conversation at a friends birthday party! God forgive me!

  • X: "There is no such thing as God and religion is made up so people can find answers to their existence!"
  • Y: "WTF?"
  • X: "Those who hang on to their religions are ignorant idiots who can't accept the fact that they are some creatures that used to swim in the sea and grew legs."
  • Y: "Then who made you?"
  • X: "Evolution!"
  • Y: "I mean where did you come from!"
  • X: "My mom's vagina you freak"
  • Y: "Okay, well where did she come from?"
  • X: "Her mom's vagina. And her mom's vagina before that. This goes all the way back to that creature in the sea that grew legs."
  • Y: "Ok, where'd that come from?"
  • X: "His legless mom's vagina. We all pop out of vaginas."
  • Y: "These vaginas all poped out form something"
  • X: "I guess they all come from one big, giant vagina."
  • Y: "Yeah, and that's God."
  • X: ".Hmmmm I guess you are right"
WOW that really was disturbingly enlighting!