Finding vs Exploring (some initial prototypes)

So at Elementary and Zeitgeist we have been trying to tackle the issue from my last blog post. Well to keep it short prototypes have been developed (and Sezen was ported to Vala). Here are 2 applet we intend to refine before we go into testing people.

Direct Link to the Video can be found here...

P.S: I tested on some friends 2 days ago, but I found this result very interesting (I will be testing more during the weekend at the city library)

Sorry C but this has to be put online...
(C who is a Mac User, wouldn't let me put a video of her actually trying to finish this objective)

Objective: Open Movie sezen.ogv
Standard GNOME Desktop:

  1. clicked desktop button several times (???)
  2. applications -> Sound Video -> Movie Player
  3. Movie player -> File -> Open...
  4. Browsing (1 minute)

Sezen Applet with categories:

  1. Click on Video on the top panel -> found it in the list
  2. Out of curiosity clicked on "More..."

P.P.S: I think RainCT and mhr3  have conspired against me... :P