First public GNOME Shell Zeitgeist efforts

Its been a while since I posted about my work on Shell + Zeitgeist

Well my last implementation was pretty much a proof of concept and since Shell did not support async searching I had to load all the Zeitgeist stuff on Shell startup. It was a HACK.

With the help of "magcius"'s async work and other on the shell channel now I am ready to have people try out my work. Sadly I am shitty with Git, so for now I will upload my whole js directory for GNOME Shell and hope someone can help me clean it up. Tomorrow I will bug the ppl on #gnome-shell to help me create a patch out of it. This is how it looks like now...

And also here is a video (GNOME Shells screencast recorder really makes things slower)

Whats missing is to get this ROCK SOLID and test out the async calls and breaking set calls in case new results come in.

Tomorrow I will clean up my "Desktop" category  and provide you with an updated version of...

Get the js directory here... .js.tar and replace it with the js directory in gnome-shell/js

P.S: me and Git don't get along at all :(