Fun facts about the Zeitgeist Framework Team

  1. We are currently 5 hardcore developers: Mikkel, Siegfried, Markus, Alex and myself.
  2. We all can understand as well as speak German (except for Mikkel who refuses to speak in German)
  3. Currently the overall maintainers of the code are Mikkel, Markus and Siegfried. (We actually maintain our own modules but the 3 guys are much better coders leaving me with management stuff)
  4. I still get to be the ass in the team.
  5. Every new feature and decsision undergoes a democratic voting process (read Art of Community)
  6. Alex and me consider ourselves the R&D sub-team.
  7. We all are amazed by Tracker now
  8. Markus is a pessimist and follows almost every sport you can think of.
  9. Mikkel is a Teletubbies fan and listens to "Michael learns to Rock" :P.
  10. Alex is a redhead.
  11. I am fat. And have a crush on Ivan Frade :P
  12. Siegfried is a jerk. We don't leave Siegfried alone on our computers since he tends to fiddle around and install pygames.
  13. We ask alot of questions: "Why?" and "The What in the Where now?" are very common.
  14. "Deine Mudda (Yo Momma)" is usual reply to almost every question or statement.
  15. "That's what she said!" jokes are gaining popularity (And sometimes the occasional "he said")
  16. Siegfried and me were refered to as Bart and Homer Simpsons.
  17. Siegfried is also known as "Kleiner Junge" (he is just 18)
  18. We are fascinated by the N900
  19. We love our new Zeitgeist engine
  20. We are looking for jobs