GCDS Adventure

At last I got some time to write down a rant...

First of all thanks to GNOME Travel Committee

So first day was really nice i met some of my personal heroes at the Canonical Party. But of course not only Canonical guys but also Novell, Codethink and Redhat people. I tried to help Jorge out with giving out t-shirts. I was also very happy to meet people I kinda work with but never got to meet like Marina and Owen. All in all it was a very nice party. Nice people and atmosphere.

Well the official Day#1 was very interesting in terms of Robert Lefkowitz and Richard M. Stallman (RMS). The first was amazingly entertaining and the second was just RMS. I consider RMS a fundamentalist and as much as he is inspiring this was just pathetic and a joke. But yet again I am entitled to my own stupid opinion. I pretty got start struck when I met Federico Mena. WOW I could have pissed my pants if I wouldn't have used the bathroom before that. It is nice to see the main man who got the Zeitgeist project rolling. When the talks ended we went back to the Fataga hotel and made good use of the hacker room to finish the slides and what all the last minutes polished to the "Journal". I got into talks with Nepomuk and Tracker guys and looking forward to actually start helping each other out.

Day#2: My notebook broke!!!! WTF on the day of the presentation! Well me managed to get it through though. Except for the fact that I was nervous, I think Federico and Throsten did an awesome job. We got our message through I hope. It is nice to see people getting interested and showing them that there is more to Zeitgeist then just a UI but also a whole independent engine. We got some nice attention but I have to make clear that the project is not just the three at the presentation. It is a whole team. People form the UI side and people from the engine side, who kept moving each other forwards. I would have wanted the engine developers to be present. A lot of credit should go to Natan Yellin, Siegfried Gevatter, Mikkel and Markus Korn who put alot of time into the engine work. Again they are very much involved in the project as I am. Siegfried already surpassed me concerning Karma point for the project on Launchpad :P. The night went on well at the Nokia sponsored Party. I was invited to join "SMASHED" (Single Malt Appreciation Society of Hackers Engineers and Developers" looking forward to that.

So no I kinda need a new notebook. It stopped charging and it just freezes and crashed randomly. So I will set up a donation box so I could continue working on Zeitgeist :P.