Gedit - Dash 0.1

At last you can try it out the gedit plugin that Hylke and I have been working on for the last couple of days..

In an experiment to for alternative "open file" dialogs we started experimenting with the Dash. When you open a new tab you will be greated with the following page. The thumbnails generated skip "comments" and "imports" and try to jump directly to some code or text from your work.

If you start typing you will see results in a new view...

Clicking on Most or Recently Used will take you back to the Dash.

This plugin depends on "zeitgeist" and the "zeitgeist-fts-extension". You can get the code from launchpad

bzr branch lp:~seif/gedit/dash
or just download the following tarball and place the content in ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins

In the following days I will be talking more with the gedit guys and gnome designers on maybe a new layout for gedit. And hopefully get the dash into gedit-plugins upstream soon...