Globaleaks: prototype and demo for all

My last post about GlobaLeaks was more or less an introduction to what it is and it's not.

As we know in the open-source world "Code Talks". So with this in mind, the weekend following my last post we had our first hackfest/sprint near Florence. I was sponsored to go and meet some of the key figures behind the project.

When I joined the team it was mostly to work on the python logic and datamodel as well as help on the development of a community of contributors. So we started getting some "cleaner" code (still dirty) done and defining the specs all over to develop a general consensus around technical and conceptual issues at hand.

I managed to convince the guys to host the code on launchpad for reasons I will get to in another post. But gernally it was the best option to actually get code/bugs/blueprints more in sync. (

The sprint helped us kickstart and develop a momentum that we have been maintaining ever since. After the hackfest the spectacular random globaleaks designers donated their time to set up a website presence and some bling bling...

Some of us were present at the ESC 2011 and presented GlobaLeaks. GlobaLeaks live launch - Venice 2011

We will follow a very agile/organic development and it is pretty hecktick until we get things shaped enough so the core hackers are satisfied. The code is easy to jump into since its python and web2py. The code is now available and is by no means out for use in production.

It is merely a concept and we want YOU to help us make it better. We don't believe in developing such a project behind closed doors. But rather we would have hackers, journalists and others help us make it better.

We plan to have a mini sprint again the weekend from 16-18 of September in Milan. You can join or donate something to help us all meet again.

You will be able to follow the development happening in the community now on our planet (



On a personal note the following are fun facts from the hackfest.

  • I am 2 kg heavier (too much pasta and good food)
  • Arturo infected me with the terrible "Enter the Ninja - Die Antwoord" song
  • I decided to learn italian
  • Loving the team