Gnome Jounrnal Update #7

Natan Yellin and I have been organizing a lot in the code. Natan stumbled up on SpiffGtkWidgets and managed to integrate it into the code. Although the display is amazing its pretty slow. Thus Natan and I decided to hack on it and upload our patches :).

A couple of new features will be added and/or are under development, most importantly:

  1. Search! We need to be able to search
  2. Bookmarking! I took out the bookmarking code to re-implement it at some point.
  3. Tags! Tagging items would be really a cool feature however we need a database for it
  4. Two new Iconviews Placeholders. "Frequently Used" and "Bookmarked". I think the names say it all!
  5. We are considering of storing History in an sqlight database! We need the communities opinion on it
  6. Option of choosing a backend engine such as Tracker
Another very important thing is the naming of the Project! right now alot of the code is still related to mayanna-legacy! However since I will be also working on the new mayanna version I think renaming the classes and projects would be a good choice since alot of the original code has been changed and reduced. My suggestions would be:
  • Gnome Zeitgeist (The options of bookmarking and frequently used should encourage this name)
  • Gnome Reflaction (the a is on purpose :-) ) .. à la reflection in/for action
  • Gnome Did (sounds too much like Gnome Do though)
  • Gnome Timeline
  • Gnome Useline
More to come! Need to take a Nap