Gnome Journal Prototype

Well I am still programing on it using python! Not sure if a switch to Mono is of big gain at the moment, since most of the code is based on Gimmie/Mayanna thus development could be pretty faster if I continue! However Mono would be a fresh start! Thus I wrote Prototype.

I created a git repository for it

What I am excited about the most is the fact that I fixed the memory leak I was having with Gimmie/Mayanna and thus will be working on it 100% again. I hope that Alex Graveley would show interest again in maintaining Gimmie.

I cant wait to apply the changes on the Iconview class form the Journal on Gimmie/Mayanna! I think this way I can get mayanna never to exceed the 30 MB limit! Would be amazing if I could then integrate the Timeline into Gimmie/Mayanna as an option!