GNOME Music: Phase Two and more...

Before I start blogging about the progress of GNOME Music, I would like to announce my happiness (as well as the whole gnome music team) that we now have 3 students sponsored to hack on GNOME Music. Eslam Mostafa (SoC), Shivani Podar (OWP) and Sai Suman Prayaga (SoC) all three of them deserved they internships, showing dedication and patching like crazy before SoC, keeping Vadim, Guillaume and me very busy.

Also I would like to welcome Arnel Borja and Fabiano Fidêncio to the team with their immense contributions, and ofcourse the allmighty Giovanni Campagna (who hacks everything in GNOME by now)

The last couple of weeks have been very hectic here, nevertheless we triumphed over phase of one of developing GNOME Music:

  • Set basic infrastructure
  • Implement Grilo Querying
  • Implement Albums View
  • Implement Songs View
  • Implement Artist View
  • Implement Playback support
  • Clean up and port to Glade
Now phase 2 is shaping up nicely:
  • Implement Playlist View
  • Implement Selection functionality on all views
  • Implement Repeat/Shuffle
  • Implement Actions
  • Clean up
So if you are interested in joining us with the development please feel free to hang out with us on #gnome-music on

Currently its only usable via JHbuild. Anyhow for more info like code and bugzilla check out

Here are some screenshots for tempting :D

Screenshot from 2013-06-17 21:16:33

Screenshot from 2013-06-17 21:16:46

Screenshot from 2013-06-17 21:18:54

Screenshot from 2013-06-17 21:19:58

Screenshot from 2013-06-17 21:19:26