GNOME Zeitgeist almost there

Now that the 0.2.1 version of the engine has been released I took the liberty to rewrite the whole UI from scratch in 4 days. Because of my f*cked up pc I enhanced performance quite a bit on the account of some memory around 20 MB (Natan will be doing his magic then) for the UI. And these are some early pics of it.

Here you have the day view:


Here you have the standard and default 3 day view:


and there is the week view:


there is a month view but you wont see any difference to the week view.

We are waiting for the OK from Kalle Persson and some testing: We are missing the bookmarks view, searching as well as browsing tags and editing them. Once done then we are almost there. I think 3 days is more than enough!

You can check it out at bzr branch lp:~gnome-zeitgeist/gnome-zeitgeist/new-interface