GNOME-Zeitgeist improving!

The last couple of days the Zeitgeist team has been pretty busy with coding! With the help of the guys hanging around #gnome-zeitgeist and Jason Smith (aka DBO) we managed to improve performance and the UI! There is still alot to come and a release will be hopefully sometime soon! We would really appreciate testing and new hackers (especially if you are new to python why not take a look its only 2500 lines of code :P). I don’t intend to start a weird topic! But since we kind of have a plan of what we are doing! I am thinking of taking 2 days to start porting to mono if the rest of the gang is ok with it! Right now its all in python! what do you think? To mono or not to mono!

You can pull the code from launchpad:

bzr branch lp:gnome-zeitgeist

Here is a quick video preview of what it can do now! More features to come soon!