Help Zeitgeist package its data providers

So after a year of development we are almost done with our first set of Zeitgeist data providers.

What are Zeitgeist data providers?

Its a set of plugins and extension for applications to push their activity into Zeitgeist thus allowing them to be viewed in GNOME Activity Journal or used else where.

What data providers are now supported? (besides everything that already pushes into Gtk.RecentlyUsed)

  1. bzr
  2. git
  3. Rhythmbox
  4. Totem
  5. gedit
  6. Eye of GNOME
  7. vim
  8. Geany
  9. Chrome/Chromium
  10. Firefox
  11. Emacs
  12. Telepathy
  13. Tomboy
What now?

Although we are working on getting things upstream (Rhythmbox is upstream now) we still want a one stop destination for users to download zeitgeist plugins for their applications. We want to host them later on our website in a little repository.

Thus we need people to help us package them so please contact us on #zeitgeist on if u can help us package stuff and write installer scripts.