How degrading is this?

For the next month or two i need a little part time job to pay the bills. I decided to actually apply for little non hacking part time jobs (since no1 really cares about python in the industry), at various gas stations, libraries as well as flipping burgers.
So today I got a phone call:

X: Can I speak to Mister Seif Lotfy?

Me: I am right here!

X: Hello Mr. Lotfy, I am Mr. X, you applied for a part time job at our gas station right?

Me: Yes sir!

X: Do you have time for an interview this week or at the weekend?

Me: I can make it on Saturday or Sunday but not during the week!

X: S0 how is Saturday 4 AM? Could you make it?

Me: Uhm......... sure why not?

X: So Saturday 4 AM it is. Please get your CV with you if possible and a motivation letter?

Me: Sure thing Mr. X.

X: OK! See you then.


Me: Bye.... Shit he hung up.

So is it just me or was there something or many things really really wrong about that phone call:

  • Since when do you interview for a job at a gas station (Maybe it is because of my ethnicity)
  • 4 AM!!!!! REALLY????????????????????????????????
  • WTF will you do with my CV. There is nothing there that qualifies me to stand behind the cash machine or so. Do you need a CV for that?
  • Motivaiton letter? Now that is just classic! I really need to write a motivation letter for other purposes. Maybe I can tweak it to submit the same letter at the gas station.
Whatever happens it can only get better from here :)