In Progress: New GNOME Shell Journal extension

Its been a while since I worked on the Journal extension for GNOME. When I left it it looked like this

But with the new GNOME Shell layout (which is pretty awesome btw) exposing the Journal wouldn't have been that easy. I sat down today to try to find a way to revive it and I think it was successful.

Notice that now there is a "Recent" button right above the "Show Apps" button in the dash. I limited the items to 5 items per row to make things look nicer.

When the Documents, Music, Videos, etc... labels above the groups is clicked one is navigated to a second view with all recently used stuff.

To show this I will display 2 other screenshots from a bigger screen. Notice that while there is a lot of real-estate wasted I still looks very clean imho.  Too many icons in one row kinda cluttered the screen :/

after clicking on "Documents" highlighted on in the picture above we end up with the following view:

Here one can navigate back to the recently used overview with the back button.

This is still work in progress and you can check out my code here on github: and help me clean it up... :D