My first Blog entry on Geeky Ogre

print("Hello World")
I thought this shout be the first entry....
I'm pretty busy with studying, and catching up on some mayanna work! poor Alex had to do everything on his own! I will try to set up the site asap.
I am really considering moving back to C++ instead of python for projects succeeding mayanna and ogrenizer. However since i am more a prototype developer than a "hardcore" or professional developer i don't see it makes sense... But u can never go wrong with C++ skills and somehow more and more jobs require C/C++ experience. Mine are very rusty by now. It could be a good idea if i rewrote some of my school work and projects in C++ for practice.

Today a friend of mine was dealing with multi-threading. I remembered an article on slashdot which caught my attention.
i will write my thoughts about it later. This should give u insight about what catches my attention :P
The Ogre