Marconi love :)

I have lots of positive things to say about the OpenStack community. They managed to create a great mixture of professional yet agile and FLOSSy. Amazing CI/CD and devstack



I am entitled to my opinion and in my honest opinion: scrum sucks big time Here is why (again my opinion). Does not empower developers to become creative. Good way

Moving on...

The last year has been a rough year. I started working for Deutsche Telekom (with a bunch of other FLOSS developers) on OpenStack. What started off as developing new features

Bye Bye Wordpress! Hello Ghost

Finally managed to move away from Wordpress. One of the reasons I did less blogging is that I felt that Wordpress became more of a CMS and less of a

GNOME Music: Phase Two and more...

Before I start blogging about the progress of GNOME Music, I would like to announce my happiness (as well as the whole gnome music team) that we now have 3