Planning topics for the Zeitgeist hackfest

If you don't know yet we are got a hackfest thanks too GNOME, TIS and Canonical. From the 9th to the 12th of November Zeitgeist and GNOME Activity Journal developers will meet up for 4 days of pure hacking and planning in Bolzano.

Right now from the engine side alot of planning has happened and topics of the hackfest have been 100% set (by vote).

  • Re-factor DB and start using Tracker for Item and Annotations storage (not events), thanks to Codethink for allowing some of his employees to help us with this topic.
  • Try to deploy events in a CouchDB (this could be helpful for generating temporary filtered databases to query)
  • Get in contact with the people of the sugar project to learn about their experiences and discuss a possible engine deployment on their platform. ( We set a date for that already
  • Discussing a roadmap for Zeitgeist (this will be relevant to the GNOME community)
I am full confident that these points will be fully developed into a good testing state. Allowing us to just fix bugs afterwards.

To make this possible we plan to finish blueprints discussed by the team before the hackfest. Also I encourage engine all developers to hack a dataprovider for their favorite application.

The UI and deployment side tracks will be set by Federico and Thorsten, since I need to devote a lot of time to the engine side and my UI skills are pretty limited (just a quick Gtk hacker not much)

A current problem I fear is coordinating minimum 14 attendees. My first suggestion was to split the developers into groups according to their area contribution, UI and engine. However it is not as easy as it seems, since some developers work on both engine and UI. I might lean to how UDS organized its sprints. Thus in the moring we discuss the tracks. And after that we split and hack on the topics.

Any suggestions?