Prototyping Web

Yesterday Web (the new Web Browser for GNOME) was announced... You can find the mockups and discussion on

Often I can not find myself able to criticize or make up my mind about mockups. I need something interactive to work with. While a lot of time things seem logical, the concepts don't reflect on reality and some ideas need fine tuning.

So in the spirit of allowing others to look into the usability of the design and point out the good and bad I decided to prototype Web. It will be done tomorrow, since I still have some unresolved issues. Technically the prototype (browsing through the site works and switching pages) works, I just need to work on some minor issues and getting  screenshots of the each page as well as store history to populate the dialup thingie.  From a technical aspect everything can be done very quickly. I also found a place for Tracker (Boomarks) and Zeitgeist (History/Queue) in the prototype.

So what I need is a way to make a screenshot of a webkit webview? Any hints are welcome!

I am prototyping in Python. The end product will either be in JS or Vala or C. This discussion needs to be done with devs.

Here is a teaser...

UPDATE: I was informed that it will be the new design for Epiphany :) YAY