Quick update from the World of Zeitgeist

So the Zeitgeist team is now preparing 2 releases at the same time. Both releases 0.7.1 and 0.8 are being managed by Siegfried while the rest is preparing for the 0.9 iteration. Federico is doing a very good job with Zeitgeist integration with GNOME Shell and delegating some minor tasks my way. I don't think I have to mention Michal Hruby and his crazy GNOME upstream work as well as cleaning after Mikkel (Mikkel is not flawless anymore). And Mikkel is just rocking the engine as usual with his storage monitor and integration with Unity. The KDE people took matters into their own hands, deploying libQzeitgeist in Phonon, Kate, and the Nepomuk guys are preparing a nice surprise. Markus fixed a very ugly bug in Zeitgeist (after many work around he fixed it after Siegfried managed to identify it). Cando, David and Randy are rocking GAJ. Thanks to Jamal we now have a very reliable communication layer over our websitemailing-lists and wiki.

But last but not least is Manish. Manish deserves a little paragraph of his own. The guy is all over the place in Zeitgeist taking lots of community and management responsibility. I must say he can read my mind complete most of my sentences on IRC... He is putting lots of efforts in stuff that will shape up Zeitgeist 0.9 such as the blacklist API amongst others. The wiki is being used more by the day and his community and forum engagement has attracted many new people to the channel to work with us. I really really have to thank him for the effort he puts in Zeitgeist and if you appreciate the Zeitgeist stuff happening please give a shout out to him, as well as to the others.

And if you haven't noticed we are working with GNOME Shell, Unity and KDE. So a sense of collaboration is possible ;)