Revisiting: GNOME Shell + Zeitgeist = ?

I took more time today to play with GNOME Shell...

Now this is just a dirty dirty dirty hack, I will look into cleaning up by the next week (I have some other things I need to take care of)

So the current proposal looks like this (it is being updated since the whole layout changed)

I took the liberty to try to implement this mockup. My hacks are not complete yet thus I am missing some categories. But it should be a small modification (too lazy now after a 10 hours session of JS)

This is how it looks like in my hack:

Again this is working code.. I will be committing a patch over the weekend for the shell devs to know what I am actually doing with Zeitgeist. But a good clean code has to wait a bit, but sometime around Christmas I should have the first clean patch. Right now I am just too tired.