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OK i am an engineer and computer scientist. So here are the headlines from the technology world that caught my attention on OSNews today:

Hmmmmmmmm i don't know if people who read my blog are familiar with this topic, but to understand the problem here you must be a GNU/Linux fanatic. As an Ubuntu and Debian user I am really not a big fan of the agreement. However if you feel like catching up with this topic here is a what wikipedia has to say about it.
Holy Cow!!! This is amazing. I need this for my room :) . I am not the biggest Microsoft products fan but WOW!!!

On BBC here are the news that caught my attention:

I wonder how the U.S. allowed this guy to give such a letter to his lawyer. Its not exactly a plus point for the U.S. when a prisoner goes "Oh lets try to be better than them". Eventually i will start writing about the whole Guantanamo topic later.

Hahaha imagine a ballot in which he was the only candidate, of course your going to win. HAHAHA

Mixed opinions and very fun to read. This always brings me back to the point "How can one solve this problem?"My opinion is, its to late to evict all Israelis out of Israel. Still I think this regime gets to do alot of stuff that isn't really fair towards Palestinians. And although they compare themselves to western countries, Israel itself is a country based on a religion. You will never see a non-jewish president in Israel. Sometimes i think Israel occupies neighboring countries not only for safety reasons. If this is a danger zone why build settlements. I guess the reason is that many Israelis came form neighboring countries and somehow they would like to return back there but under their own government. Don't get me wrong I am not saying Israel is bad. Its the best functioning country in the region however its because they are a unity and they are being supported by the U.S. If some (non-corrupt) Arabic country had the privilege of being supported that much by another Western country. I bet you they would be able to live with Israel as a neighbor.
Well i can keep on going with that so better stop now. As you can see this is another odd region in this odd world.

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