Sezen - simple searching

Working with Daniel Fore and with the assistance Jason Smith and David Siegel, I started learning about how simple things can be friendlier to the eye and less can be more. This is what Sezen is all about. Again its not a tool to replace your file browser, thus no copy/paste, move, rename or delete functionality. It is just for you to try to find by searching and making use of zeitgeist.

It is a copy of what Unity is offering with its place-files with a bit more testing ground. This way we can reach a broader audience to test the usability and functionality of the concepts behind Unity for non Ubuntu users.

Here is a quick update of what it can do now and I hope you like it... Stay tuned for my next video where I will demo FTS search support :)

An external viewing link can be found here.

BTW: I am not a C hacker so any suggestions to add support to Nautilus can not be done by me. If you want to do add the functionality in Nautilus we have libzeitgeist and some tutorials so please contact us at #zeitgeist on