Shouldn't GNOME Do be part of GNOME?

Lately I noticed that there are some of FLOSS that I use that are not included in the standard GNOME. OK some of those are not GPL and I can understand a debate in this issue. However there is one application that changed my habits and experience.


I know this can not done by me but I would suggest the GNOME Community considering including it into GNOME. It might not really follow the GNOME HIG but sure there is a way to work it out. I mean if it the issue of blending it into the GNOME looks and feel, it already does. And as much as GNOME 3.0 is planning to change the users approach and experience to their computer GNOME Do already did that. And they have a very large audience. And if you have not tried it then try it.

So here is an idea:

Instead of Developers always having to propose their FLOSS for GNOME inclusion. Why can't GNOME create some kind of a team or squad that hunts for potential FLOSS that could be included into GNOME. Inviting the developers to become active within the community, giving them the opportunity to work on a larger scale with a cool community from which on the other side GNOME can only