Some new updates from the Gnome Journal Prototype

After a long day of studying, watchign series, hacking and lindy hoping, I thought it would be appropriate to tell the world (whoever is interested) about the new updates on the Gnome Journal Prototype.
I managed to get some academic and managment bacjup from my former boss and still current mentor Thorsten Prante. To do some advertising here a quick summary.
Thorsten Prante is a computer scientist and has worked in research at Fraunhofer, as scientific staff and deputy division manager, where he also lead software development efforts and co-directed an international research project. Thorsten has been involved in R&D projects and in academic research, also teaching at the Darmstadt University of Technology. His main interests are in interactive workspaces and personal information management. Interactive workspaces is a research area focused on how to tune-up working environments and relates to ubiquitous computing (including context-awareness), human-computer interaction, and computer-supported cooperative work. His interest in personal information management focuses on the use (manipulating, finding, keeping, maintaining, employing, experiencing) of information embedded in everyday activities of knowledge workers. He is currently working on his PhD.
I worked with him on a similar project before and managed to convince him to work support me on creating a smiliar project for Gnome.
As for hacking updates Natan Yellin set up a bzr branch on launchpad. Have a look here.
To copy this branch open a terminal and go:
bzr branch lp:gnome-doc-centric-playground
I managed to clean up the code alot. I took out pidgin again just until I manage to continue cleanign up. Another thing I am working on is improving the refresh rate of the Iconview. The concepts works however I have to be able to filter out unused days! Its a weired issue I will be writing about in the next days!
So I will continue hacking tomorrow! Me need to sleep! N8