Data Science

Skizze: Behind the Scenes of Alpha 2

Based on the feedback we got for our initial alpha release, we worked on improving Skizze and moving the project forward. To recap, Skizze is a sketch data store to deal with all problems around counting and sketching using probabilistic data-structures. My old time hacking buddy Neil Patel, who is also Xamarin Insights Technical Lead and Architect, blogged about the latest release, and also provided some background on why Skizze exists, and how to get started. This second alpha focuses mainly on improving development and operating experience. It is an…

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Skizze progress and REPL

Over the last 3 weeks, based on feedback we proceeded fledging out the concepts and the code behind [Skizze]( [Neil Patel]( suggested the following: So I've been thinking about the server API. I think we want to choose one thing and do it as well as possible, instead of having six ways to talk to the server. I think that helps to keep things sane and simple overall. Thinking about usage, I can only really imagine Skizze in an environment like…

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