Skizze - A probabilistic data-structures service and storage (Alpha)

At my day job we deal with a lot of incoming data for our product, which requires us to be able to calculate histograms and other statistics on the data-stream as fast as possible. One of the best tools for this is Redis, which will give you 100% accuracy in O(1) (except for its HyperLogLog implementation which is a probabilistic data-structure). All in all Redis does a great job. The problem with Redis for me personally is that, when using it for 100 of millions of counters, I could…

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I am entitled to my opinion and in my honest opinion: scrum sucks big time Here is why (again my opinion). Does not empower developers to become creative. Good way to sell that the developers are doing something (so that failure is not their fault) even if running around in circles ==> plausible deniability Highly motivated developers are limited from jumping out of the “plan” to hack on other project related stuff (even doing so in free time is regarded wrong since you are not sticking to a plan). Thus…

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