I think this week has been a very chaotic but productive week on the Zeitgeist front...

First of all Congrats to the Ubuntu team for releasing natty (the best Ubuntu release to date). Just installed it on my netbook and its badass (Sorry folks I use Fedora on my work computer now). We will be releasing lots of stuff during the next days on our PPA (no natty packages yet). Some of the cool stuff to be released are:

  • Two version of the engine 0.7.2 and 0.8. With 0.8 we are introducing file tracking capabilities (needs a data-providers) that allows Zeitgeist to track where files were moved or copied to and the long due improved blacklist manager.
  • Activity Log Manager (Zeitgeist History Manager) is complete at last just needs packaging and an Icon) sadly its only 0.8 compatible for now...

  • All libraries have been updated to support some new upcoming badass features
  • His royal awesomeness Ted Gould is working with me on bringing El Locco to Gtk3 (due to libchamplain moving to gir) and we hope to be showing it off at UDS-O

Now you can always test our stuff from trunk but we really discourage that. But if you feel adventurous here you go...

bzr branch lp:zeitgeist

bzr branch lp:zeitgeist-datahub

bzr branch lp:history-manager

We need a logo for the History Manager

so feel free to drop by #zeitgeist at  irc.freenode.net and show us your work. We don't have the staff to do artwork atm so help us get stuff done :) and ping m4n1sh or cando