Things I have been up to...

I have been absent from blogging a bit :(
So here are the highlights of the past month:

  • GNOME Clocks is shaping up nicely, a nice example of prototype becoming product. It is a very nice experience for me in developer <-> designer communication. Something that I have been working on with Allan Day, Jakub Steiner, Garret LeSage and Hylke Bons. (I will wrap up the code and push it up somewhere tomorrow). I will be giving a talk about this experience along with Allan Day (including prototyping) at FOSDEM.
  • The prototyping spirit within the GNOME design team is growing. After playing with  Jakub Steiner's HTML/JS prototype I got inspired to play with HTML/JS too.
  • The Zeitgeist team set up a nice TODO list for the next release and beyond (blog post coming soon). Some awesome commit by Michal Hruby managed to reduce the memory consumption by a big chunk by "optimizing allocations of variants". Our bug list for the next release has only 4 more bugs open so take a stab if you dare...
  • Thanks to Collabora, I got a N9. After ruining my SIM card trying to build a Micro-SIM I ended up running to O2 getting myself one from there that got activated after 30 minutes. Now I am playing around with QML again.
  • I started playing with Plasma Active and have very mixed feelings about it. Tech wise its pretty good, but I don't find it intuitive enough like GNOME 3 or Unity on a tablet. I seem to be missing the concept of activities really.
  • I started getting into XBMC and now Ubuntu TV is announced... will be trying it out soon.
  • I am addicted to Every Detail Matters.