Thoughts for a new Desktop approach

I have been working on Gimmie and mayanna for a while!

When you get used to them it gets addictive especially the Gimmie standalone panel which makes you rethink the way you use your computer! It would be great if the concept of the panel can be applied on the whole desktop. thus all the recently used will be listed in a neat way on the desktop beside the desktop files! the desktop files could be categorized in a way to make everything easier accessible.

Imagine sitting at work on your desk! The table is your desktop and every paper/pencil/book/etc is a file/folder on the desktop. the panel is like the front of your drawers where every button/menu is a kind of drawer/clock/etc

I like keeping my desktop on the computer and at home clean and tidy. However when I see how some friends colleagues and co-workers treat their desktop it messes me up! The desktop is the place u should be able to go back to when u feel lost or want to start over.

I am waiting and hoping that the Boston hackfest will have IRC in a way so i can participate remotely.

My idea for a great desktop is to somehow treat is as your own workspace! when its tidy u can think clearer! I just noticed how much bull crap i am writing! its better i hack up something and show it :)