To be or not to be?

Hmmmmmm took me 5.5 Years to go through college! What does it say about me? I know I was not fooling around but still 5.5 Years CRAP that is a lot ! I just turned 24 and am finishing school! I mean most people in germany finish at that age but for I alos started earlier than most germans.

Partly I don't like what I was studying thus I tend to keep busy with other part time activities, such as 3 years robotics (currently World Champion in the RoboCup 4-legged league), R&D (Fraunhofer for 2 years and an ESA sponsored Project for 6 months), hacking on OSS(Gimmie, Mayanna and Zeitgeist) plus an internship at a bank! I also lost my dad back in 2006.

Does all this actually legitmate the 5.5 Years? How much does this experience count though? Will the 5.5 Years really get in my way of getting a good job? How much will a masters degree change the situation, if I can finish it in a year?