We are going to Bolzano (Zeitgeist Hackfest)

Thanks to Daniel Siegel, Stormy, Vincent Untz (who messed up my honor in a humiliating Mario Kart defeat)  and the GNOME Board we got a little Zeitgeist hackfest in Bolzano together with  two other hackfests (Sugarlabs and GFOSS) going on at the same time.

Tomeu Vizoso from Sugarlabs suggested:

Users of Sugar have been using something not too different from Zeitgeist for some years now and some people think that Zeitgeist could benefit from our experience, and Sugar could benefit from using parts of Zeitgeist at some point in the future.

Thus I'm proposing that we reserve some hours near the start of the event to exchange ideas and perhaps find ways to work together.

So this will be definitely a discussion to follow.

The hackfest will be from the 9th - 12th of November and will allow the core team and the newly assembled UI team to meet for the first time.

Main topics of the the hackfest will be:

  • Fixing engine bugs from the 0.3 release due 1st of November (0.3 will be the main release for integration with GNOME Apps)
  • Delivering a well thought through design and implementation of the "GNOME Activity Journal" (This session will be lead by Federico)
  • Using Tracker for metadata storage (not events).
  • Integrating advanced features of the engine such as data relevancy  and context relevancy into GNOME Shell. ( This feature is kick ass)
I will be taking most of October off to prepare for the hackfest as well as hack on some sweetness with the awesome guys from Collabora using Telepathy+Zeitgeist+Tracker.