Zeitgeist attracting new Rockstars

This time of the year is just awesome. Around a year ago (same time) the Zeitgeist core team was created. GSoC 2009 blessed us with (The Great) Siegfried Gevatter and during UDS we got Markus (The Incredible) Korn as well as (The Magnificent) Mikkel Kamstrup...

After one year of almost fulltime development and 2 rewrites the engine reached a very stable condition. Now a new team is slowly taking shape, that are deploying Zeitgeist in applications.

  • We all know Randy Barlow (tehk), who is now a GNOME Activity Journal maintainer, when not hacking on GAJ he works on the zeitgeist-sharp library and some banshee plugin.... (I am waiting for a video of it). Also he wrote the new core logic for GAJ form scratch and gave it a tiny bit of a make over...
  • Morten Mjelva (sjokkis), is working on the telepathy logger. Thanks to him Zeitgeist is now informed about chats, voice calls as well as video calls. He is also working with me on some exciting an top secret "Location aware" extensions for Zeitgeist. Also he plans to give GAJ a little more telepathy magic such as displaying avatars and contact online status.
  • Michal Hruby (mhr3) is our new GSoC student mainly focusing on assisting the development and fixing of libzeitgeit as well as deploying Zeitgeist in new apps. He already sent in his first patches as well as rewrote the totem-plugin and firefox plugin... But above all his latest AWN hack introduced me to what I would refer to as "Nerdgasms"...
  • No Name (ammonkey) who is infamous for his work on the nautilus-elementary is also helping find problems with libzeitgeist and is working on the nautilus integration...

nautilus-elementary zeitgeist - first draft from ammonkey on Vimeo.

The video is explained as follows:

The video show requests on the today events of zeitgeist. (of course i can choose the time period i want). And u can filter the results with a string as u type in the search entry (no return needed).

empty string = show all the result for the default time period.
if i type gaga it show all the files i opened today containing gaga, so in my case i show all the music files of Lady Gaga i listened today with rhyhtmbox.

the goal is to implement a bar like in the following mockup and perform zeitgeist browsing/search from nautilus.

So please welcome the new kids on the block and give them credit for their work by commenting on their blogs or give them a nice shout out in the comments of this post.