Zeitgeist - Geolocation Magic

So at last Zeitgeist has its geolocation extension.... OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does it do?

  • Nothing special. We use geoclue to add location of where an event occured in a new little table.
Why its awesome?
  • It allows you to ask Zeitgeist stuff like
    • "Get me the recent files I edited at university"
    • "Who do I contact most when I am at School?"
    • "Which pictures did I take in Brazil?"
    • "Where was I when an Email came in?"
    • "What files did I open during the conference?"

A little screenshot of "El Loco"

How is that useful?
  • With the ongoing trend of mobile computers and smartphones. People do a lot of stuff while they are not at home or at the office. So one always able to call, text, take photos or send/receive mails. The human brain associates these activities with when and where they happened. So this is just a little support for you memory.
  • The desktop or frontpage can adapt to your location. Example: When you are at home you call Family members and when you are at work you call coworkers. So when you are one of these locations your computer or phone can adapt to your environment by populating the contact list differently.
Whats next?
  • In terms or the extension me and Siegfried are still working on enriching the API and waiting for Mikkel to trash us on our shitty API. Markus is making it work on Maemo (Zeitgeist runs on Maemo) so we can start fiddling with the contact lists. Michal will have to write a C library for the extension. And Thorsten will extend the use cases and deployment ideas for this new awesome feature. Randy will implement it in GAJ.
  • More preparations for GUADEC.
  • But for now we have a little demo of the functionality in the form of a tiny little hack called "El Loco".


This is by no means an application we intend to maintain, unless there is a high demand. The application is intended to be ported on Maemo and Meego.