Zeitgeist Hackfest Day 1 - 3

Sorry for taking so long to blog again. But things at the hackfest are very very tensed in a positive way. The momentum is high. The remote participation is amazing. We are getting so much done in such a short time. We are pretty short on sleep :)

To sum up the highlights:

  • gedit's soft-dependency in progress an looking good
  • GNOME Shell - Zeitgeist Search providers being reviewed and developed (thanks to magcius support)
  • Zeitgeist is now storage aware (Mikkel will explain in his next blog post)
  • Zeitgeist API now supports more Nepomuk Ontology
  • Zeitgeist API supports new features
  • Some libzeitgeist bugs got fixed
  • Zeitgeist + Telepathy open issues all solved and under development.
  • New gedit Dashboard plugin
  • more stuff.. (REALLY)
So here is a picture of gedits new DashBoard... We will attempt to port this to other applications such as Totem and EOG

Video of the gedit Dashboard