August 24, 2010

Zeitgeist (hearts) Tomboy

toToday is a great day!

Not only will I stop bugging the people on the #tomboy #docky #mono to help me with my (novice) mono hacking. The thing is actually done. First watch the video :)


(Watch Video directly)

What I am doing is I am trying to figure out which things were used together with a Note. I know the UI is crap but its a start, it just shows that it works. For now the algorithms work (sliding window + a priori)

To do this you will need to:

So Hope you like it and thanks to: I will be working on this thing again on the weekend so I can push it into the community plugins for Tomboy if Sandy doesn't mind. But meanwhile back to OMG!

And if you are interested and you can vote for your favorite application to be extended to use Zeitgeist here.

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