Zeitgeist Mentoring: Fixing bugs

So we at Zeitgeist we are working on the 0.6 milestone... The team is active and progress is looking awesome.

To get more people to dive into writing code with us the Zeitgeist team is offering mentorship on fixing some bugs.

Some of them  do not require an understanding how Zeitgeist works (Please read our comments though and attachments to the bug):

One more or less advanced (yet not so difficult to fix) bugs is: To fix these bugs all you need is:
  • Passion for hacking
  • Good Python knowledge
  • Sense of humor
  • Love for Zeitgeist
If you are interested please read some more about the bug sand feel free to contact us at #zeitgeist on irc.freenode.net where we are happy to help you anytime.

You can contact (in alphabetical order):

  • kamstrup
  • mhr3
  • tehk
  • thekorn
  • RainCT
  • seiflotfy