Zeitgeist’s new rockstars

Ladies and gentlemen meet the 2 new rising Zeitgeist rockstars:

Trever Fischer: who works mainly on Zeitgeist KDE integration. He already started patching for Phonon and Amarok. He is also my GSoC student at KDE who will be working on a Zeitgeist Journal widget for Plasma which requires integration with Nepomuk. I will be meeting him at Randa in 9 days and it will rock :)

JP Lacerda: I met JP at UDS. And as usual UDS has a great impact on Zeitgeist. This kid is ridiculous. He started working on Zeitgeist stuff fixed several bugs and is working on some optimization. He will have a very important role in the release of Zeitgeist 0.9.  You can read more about his work on his blog.

I am very happy to have them working with the team. Both of them are just lots of fun.