A brief preview of Zeitgeist Framework 0.3

Zeitgeist framework 0.3 not the GNOME Activity Journal

Something that might be as a shock to some other devs is that we decided not to store annotations and bookmarks within Zeitgeist. This should be done in Tracker. Zeitgeist answers only WHEN AND HOW DATA WAS ACESSED! We store a journal of how some metadata looked like at the event  but nothing compared to Tracker since we don't store our metadata . We will be working very closely with Tracker from now on since 0.7 has been  for a GNOME 2.30. Congrats to the Tracker Devs.

Zeitgeist 0.3 will be a development preview for the 0.9 and 1.0 version that we intend to propose for GNOME inclusion. We won't be breaking APIs from now on unless its curcial.


  • Journal of all the user activities that allows you to ask for a subjournal of any timeperiod for mimetypes, applications, subjects(docs/websites/...), events(opened, closed, focused modied and saved)
  • Most Used mimetypes, applications, subjects(docs/websites/...), event types(opened, closed, focused modied and saved) in any timeperiod.
  • Payloads can be stored to to each event. Just like in git and bzr where users add a note to each commit. It should be aloud to add payloads to each event, e.g: the reason the document was changed that way.
  • Provide Overall Focus Lifetime of applications and documents within any timeperiod.
  • (IMPLEMENTED BUT MISSING DBUS BINDINGS) Get most focused to docs/apps from docs/apps and vice verse within any timeperiods.
  • (IMPLEMENTED BUT MISSING DBUS BINDINGS) Subcribe to events from the Journal.
With have a good API to support these features and I would like to suggest applications dumping their history into Zeitgeist if possible instead of maintaining their own history. For a technical overview of the improvements over 0.2:
  • stable codebase
  • very clean modular architecture that allows easy improvements and maintanance
  • open  for new relevancy algortihms
  • better performance and more memory effcient
  • clean and structured DBus API. no more weird hashes and structs
  • less logging from our side since now extension for apps exists like Markus's amazing firefox plugin that send events to zeitgeist.
We are undergoing some last bug fixes and cleanups. A release will be out soon.