Zeitgeist Hackfest Feedback

After a VERY VERY VERY INTENSIVE week at the Zeitgeist hackfest we are finally back. Thank you TIS, Canonical and GNOME for making it happen. It was the first time key figures of the Zeitgeist Project (Zeitgeist framework and GNOME Activity Journal) to meet up to discuss/implement and plan together.  The amount of stuff we got done is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond what we thought we could do, given our experience of only working online together. We were provided whiteboards and we made real use of them as you can see in the following pictures. TIS did a great organizing rooms, food and accomidation. Everything went very very smoothly.

The Journal team mainly consisted of Federico, Natan, Sebastian Faubel, Clemens Buss, Throsten Prante and Ketil W Aansen. The first day was spent them discussing which scope of use cases can be solved by the Journal UI and if it makes sense to actually enrich the Journal with all features of Zeitgeist or not. The Journal has been improved a lot and details as well as performance were improved. Federico and Natan will be blogging about this soon. A release is closer than u think.

The Engine team consisted of Mikkel Kamstrup, Markus Korn, Siegfried Gevatter, Alex Gabriel, Ivan Frade (thanks to Nokia) and me. Our first day was all about violating all the white-boards wit hour specs and algorithms. Ivan helped us define the scope/borders and intersections of Zeitgeist and Tracker. I will also get to this point in another blog post soonish.

The  "Zeitgeist Resonance" implementation, a result of one month of Launchpad and Google Wave discussions, was used as a template for the development. It will be the base of all future Zeitgeist versions for the foreseeable future. It provides better scaling, easier maintenance and a very very improved API. Ivan helped finish integrating the Nepomuk and Tracker ontologies as well as develop the first app that uses Zeitgeist and Tracker simultaneously. Our Dataproviders will be extended to push into Tracker. There is still much to blog about but I think I will cut them down into several blogposts.