An unexpected surprise!

This is not really a post for people under 18 but I will keep it as clean as possible !!! I just have to blog about it !!!
So on my way to play sports I couldn't find my standard sports bag so i decided to get one from the top of my cupboard. I found one (A mickey mouse bag) that I have not used for at least 4 years. Holding the bag upside down I shook it to just get everything out of it. Some of the the things that landed on the floor were a pair of shoes, deodorant, shirts, a short and socks. Most of them wouldn't fit me any more since I gained some massive weight in the last 3 years.

But nothing surprised more than the huge black cigar tube that dropped out. Since I don't smoke it can not be mine. The thing was weirdly shaped though so I was not sure. I picked it up and tried to open the cover only to find out the thing turned in my hand and the started vibrating.

Yes ladies and and gentlemen sometimes I am so naive i mistake a cigar tube with a ladies toy.

My first reaction was to drop the thing on the floor. and watch it move around in a circle. When I decided to pick it up again and turn it off, I noticed the battery meter (3 LEDs) on the side that showed it was 2/3 full. Which means someone already used it. There was no real smell to it (I know I am disgusting but I had to make sure how long the thing was there) it more or less smelled like my old cloth.

So now the question was how did it get there and whom does it belong to?

Since the bag was inside a bigger bag and no one has access to the top of my cupboard it can not belong to someone who dropped it off at my place. Which leaves me with the option of the last place I took the bag with me. I can not remember!

Did someone drop it in? Or is someone sending me a message!

So after consulting some of my friends here are the solutions they came up with for me to do with the toy, and my thoughts on those suggestions:

  • Keep it! (Why? I don't want to *play* with it!)
  • Burn it! (Huh?)
  • Sell it on ebay (Yeah I really want my profile to be associated with a *ladies toy*
  • Disinfect and send it to someone (Well I have no clue who I can give this thing as a gift to. It is a lose lose situation. My girlfriend would kill me if I give it to her or if I give it to any other girl)
  • Use it as décor (Hi mom look at this sweet modern antique! REALLY?)
So any other suggestion would be very helpful!

P.S: I found it very entertaining to put the thing on the switch part and make it vertically spin around on my desk. Maybe my cat in Egypt would like it.