Stereotyping Arabs

A Chat with my buddy Diego (who is working with me on "Data Relevancy using a Heat Emission model" ) was so odd I have to blog it:

(22:58:45) diego: seif (22:58:52) seif: yes (22:58:53) seif: :) (22:58:55) diego: do you know any arab terrorist website? (22:59:02) seif: uhm (22:59:03) seif: WTF? (22:59:05) seif: no (22:59:13) seif: and if i know I wouldn't be telling you here (22:59:20) seif: do you want to get me in trouble (22:59:22) seif: dear god (22:59:46) diego: i need to bookmark a terrorist website (22:59:48) diego: for a seminar (22:59:53) diego: about (23:00:06) diego: so any leads you have about finding one (23:00:11) diego: would be highly appreciated (23:00:12) seif: so because I am Arabic you come and ask me ??? (23:00:16) diego: no (23:00:21) diego: i'm asking everyone (23:01:10) diego: yeah the point is that i want to find out whether delicious is going to do anything about it (23:01:18) diego: if i tag terrorist web sites (23:01:25) diego: not necessarily terrorist (23:01:29) diego: but extremist (23:01:47) diego: or any fundamentalist (23:01:49) diego: group (23:02:10) diego: i'm also trying to tag bunch of porn web sites (23:02:22) diego: and i'm also looking for child pornography (23:02:50) diego: but so far nothing (23:02:51) diego: (23:08:45) diego: have you ever heard of any satanist group? (23:08:50) diego: something nearby? (23:10:42) seif: ok good look finding a paedophile a necromancer and a witch!