Case of the missing duck

In reference to Jean-François Fortin Tam and Luis de Bethencourt blog posts, I would like to post my side of the story.

The night before the incident (where the duck got lost), I was contacted by Vivia past midnight, after an awesome meal with the Collaborans. She asked me to contact JeFF and Rene if I see them and tell them to give the duck to Veronique.

Unfortunately by the time I met them, it was at the airport. At the canteen were discussing how to return the duck to Vivia (their intentions were good).

Later we met up with some Canonical folks and Emmanuelle Bassi while waiting for our plane. We were having some lengthy discussion and the duck was insightful as usual. I can't remember who made a joke of frying him, but we found it very offensive but nevertheless the duck was still cheerful.

We then were on our way to board the plane, when suddenly we realized the duck was not amongst us. It was too late to go back. The only 2 who did not board the plane were Robert Ancell (Canonical) and Emmanuelle Bassi (GNOME Board & Mozilla)

Here is a a sketch of how it looks, sadly all ducks look the same to me.

The duck is very very missed...
Please help us find him