GNOME Clocks... almost there, help needed

GNOME Clocks has been in the works for 3 months now almost.  It is an implementation of the designs prepared by the GNOME Designers (see

Together with Allan Day, we are mentoring the awesome Emily Gonyer for her SoC project as well as our free time superhero Eslam Mostafa. One of the nice (non-techie) things about GNOME Clocks is that it allowed us (the mentors) to identify patterns of healthy communication between designers and developers (I will be preparing a post about this soon).

The project is in a more or less good development state... Here are some screenshots of the current status.

Clocks view

Alarm view

Timer & Stopwatch views

We have been hanging around #gnome-clocks for a bit to make the development environment protective and focused for our new devs. Now I think we can move forward. You can find the code at

It is all written in python so it should be easy to just jump in and contribute to a "core app" for GNOME. We need some help with our bugs and most help with autofoo and hosting on jhbuild. So if you are up for it you can find me or allan on #gnome-design & #gnome-clocks and files bugs at

Have a nice weekend :D