GNOME Activity Journal status report

This is a quick status report of the GNOME Activity Journal and its future development.
After a very stressful hackfest and a newly developed engine. We now how a new UI. It is still not there but I hope you like it for now.

The video sound is somehow delayed (not my fault) plus the loud sounds are the sounds of Cairo (Egypt).
Here is the Todo list for a release please drop by to help if u want to. I think 2 weeks from now we should be done.

  1. Add Calendar Widget
  2. Add Bookmarking (Tracker)
  3. Add Tagging (Tracker)
  4. Add Searching (Tracker + Zeitgeist)

5) Enable Collaboration Mode (Teamgeist)

  1. Add open/open folder/most used with (Zeitgeist)
  2. Extract properties (Tracker)
  3. Enable Event View
  4. Clean up code
  5. Monitor memory consumption
  6. Enable Website handling (Zeitgeist)