Some GNOME Activity Journal (GNOME Zeitgeist) Screenshots

So after some cleanup we decided to upload these pics before new years starts. Development is going very fast thanks to the Zeitgeist Framework 0.3 series. This is not our final design and there are ofcourse some usability flaws. We welcome critics, praises and suggestions.

Here is the default layout.


You can group specific file types to not get into your way...


Here you see the second view (list view). One can change both views using the buttons in the toolbar.


One can also show the times by enabling the "Show Time" checkbox on the bottom right.


So this is all for now. To run it you need the latest zeitgeist from

bzr branch lp:zeitgeist cd zeitgeist ./ make sudo make install

Then you will need the gnome activity journal

bzr branch lp:gnome-activity-journal cd gnome-activity-journal ./gnome-activity-journal

There is still a bunch of things missing like

  • Bookmarking and tagging
  • Searching
  • Calendar
  • Interactions with the items
  • Enable websites support