October 7, 2010

How things work in the Zeitgeist team.

Lately I have been reflecting on the past 2 years (Zeitgeist will turn 2 years on the 10.10.10 with the release of Unity). I would love to talk about the geeky aspect of what we are doing, but decided to put our development process as well as community management in the spotlight for once.

Although some people consider me the team lead, I have to disappoint you. I am not. I did write the first lines of code but none of that is there anymore. There is no such thing as a lead on the Zeitgeist side. I delegate some issues here and there and I would describe myself more as the person with the overview about what is happening in the Zeitgeist universe but not the lead. Why that? Because:

And its not that bad. It does have its drawbacks, but for the sake of the project it is the best that could happen. Here are some random small examples of things we do and why we think its good that way. I will get more into the "Hack & Hype" concept that the Zeitgeist team embraces with my next post. There are much more things I would like to write about. The Zeitgeist team for me is by far the most fun team I got to work with and each one effected the way things work here on our side. Yet that deserves an article of its own. So I will leave you with a list of people who are not actively involved in Zeitgeist but influenced the way things happen on our side: Thank you all, and I hope this third year of Zeitgeist will be better than ever.
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